EMCOR Safety Excellence Awards - Mechanical Operating Company

About Us SQP_350x263.jpgCentral Mechanical Construction Co., Inc. (CMCC) has earned a 2022 Safety Excellence Award thanks to the continuous improvement of their safety performance, driven by the company’s willingness to change, innovate, and adopt best practices.

CMCC has worked hard to develop a safety culture that is reinforced at every level of their organization and each phase of a project. During the bidding process, Estimators assess potential safety concerns that are passed on to Foreman, Project Managers, and their Safety Director to begin developing job-specific safety plans. Thorough pre-task planning and task hazards analysis are conducted and stored electronically for easy access and review.

Once work begins, Service Technicians submit daily pre-task plans, Foremen lead weekly safety meetings, and safety leadership conducts regular jobsite inspections to observe positive actions and address any deficiencies.

CMCC goes to great lengths to listen to the suggestions, comments, and concerns of their field workers to constantly improve practices and foster a sense of collective ownership. Each employee is empowered with stop work and stand down authority. Further, employees are frequently recognized for their safety achievements with luncheons and awards, as well as rewards for completing safety audits, inspections, and training sessions.

When new hires are onboarded, they receive extensive safety training, are introduced to the importance of stop work authority, and have a face-to-face with the President or Vice President where they discuss safety topics and are encouraged to reach out with any safety concerns they have in the future.

If an incident or injury does occur, the Safety Director and Foreman conduct a detailed investigation that includes thorough documentation, witness statements, reenactments if possible, and plans for corrective action. For less serious incidents, the “Five Why” method is used to identify causes, whereas a “Tap Root” investigation is conducted for more significant issues.

To help keep their program on the cutting edge, CMCC conducts a comprehensive review of the safety policies and programs to implement any lessons learned from the past year and to renew their commitment to achieving unparalleled levels of safety within their industry.

Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Total recordable incidence rate, 2022: 0.87
Total recordable incidence rate, 2021: 0.77

Total employee hours worked, 2022: 230,568.69
Total employee hours worked, 2021: 259,743.83